Conditions of Sale

Delivery:  Currently 18-22 weeks from placement of order and deposit.

Excludes: Power supply and electrical connections. Client is to provide power to a wall socket.

Finkbeiner 707: Power required is 415V/32AMP – 3Phase +N+E.

Unloading facilities: This is the responsibility of the customer. Pricing includes tailgate delivery to site. We allow 30 minutes for unloading at site, after which demurrage will apply.(Do you mean surcharge?)

Payment Terms: 40% deposit payment required on initial order, 50% on delivery with 10% balance due on commissioning.

Validity: All European equipment has been priced based on Eur to AUD at 0.62. There is much market fluctuation at the moment with the AUD facing significant devaluation over the coming weeks. Pricing subject to review at time of payment of deposit.

Warranty: The batteries are not included under the warranty. Equipment is to be maintained on a Hartex Preventative Maintenance Plan or the warranty may be void. Warranty on steel frames – 25 years

Service: All components are available at Hartex Headquarters Specific hydraulic control valves; control boards, sensors, and contactors are kept in stock at our Sydney or Melbourne Offices. Parts are available up to 10 years after the end of the model life.


Details of Training for Finkbeiner Mobile Column Lift:

Four operators in your workshop will be trained in the safe use of the hoists and in basic trouble shooting skills. The training involves how to set up the hoists and connect them in the right sequence, how to adjust the lift forks, how to position the vehicle and how to operate the hydraulic systems for doing different types of vehicle repairs. This session will comprise a 2-hour training session. Each operator is awarded a certificate certifying that the operator is qualified in the safe use.