Suspended Cieling Pits with Majorlift Jacking Beams

Hartex were engaged to complete the workshop pits and fit-out for the brand new MVIS Inspection Station in Hume ACT, the new facility replaces the previous inspection station located in Dickson which was built back in the 70’s.

As part of our scope to design, supply and install a total of five suspended ceiling pits, we also had to provide the necessary operational tools and safe technology for these pits to operate effectively. This included three roller brake testers and matching suspension shaker testers, five jacking beams and automatic pit roller covers on each pit.

The roller brake testers and suspension shakers allow the inspection facility to accurately test and diagnose the effectiveness of the brakes and suspensions on both light and heavy vehicles. Hartex are now the proud distributors of the Van Leeuwen Test System (VLT) equipment out of The Netherlands. This range offers all the latest technology in the field, the highest quality in the field at a justifiable cost.

For the jacking beams the client decided to go with a traditional jacking beam, as such we used the best available for it being the Majorlift Jacking Beams. Hartex have been supplying and installing this brand for over 10 years. Air over hydraulic operation, with pressure relief valves and mechanical locks as standard safety features plus a generous 3 year warranty means for a traditional jack, Majorlift is the best on offer.

To meet the safety needs, along with the standard safety requirements of explosion proof lighting and in pit ventilation the client also chose to go with our automatic roller pit covers, allowing the pits to be completely closed whilst not in use.

Client MVIS Inspection Station
Location Hume ACT
Details Suspended Cieling Pits with Majorlift Jacking Beams