Bulktrans - Berrimah, NT

30 metre long fully fabricated service bay

With innovative design techniques Hartex was able to design a 30m long fully fabricated steel pit with roll over capacity of 120T to cater for special road train bulk carrier fleets.

The workshop included a centralised oil management system to reduce waste and keep the workshop tidy and the ventilation systems in the pits comply with the Australian safety Standard. It is adapted to the characteristics of the excavation to offer safe working conditions.

The project also included a fully automated touch-less washing system specifically developed for the client to wash truck tankers. The water saving conditions imposed by severe water restrictions inspired Hartex to develop a washing system that requires little water and maximises the benefits of water filtration and the recycling system.

Client Bulktrans
Location Berrimah, NT
Details Prefabricated Workshop Pit & Custom Touchless Washing System